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Udo Bullmann

Member of the European Parliament, Germany
Udo Bullmann

Political career

Since 2019, Development Policy spokesperson of the Socialist Group with the UN Sustainable Development Goals as the main focus of work

2018-2019 Chair of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament

Since 2015 elected member of the SPD party executive committee, since 2017 party executive committee responsible for the European Union

2012-2016 President of the SPD delegation in the European Parliament

2003-2012 Vice-Chairman of the SPD delegation in the European Parliament

2009-2012 SPD delegation European Parliament economic policy spokesperson

Since 1999 Member of the Socialist Group in the European Parliament

Since 1991 member of the SPD state executive of Hesse

1989-1991 as Chairman of the Jusos Hessen

Member of the SPD since 1975


Professional career

1999 until election to the European Parliament

1998-1999 University lecturer and Jean Monnet Professor for European Studies ("Studies on European Integration") at the Justus Liebig University Giessen

1994-1998 Visiting Research Fellow at the Department of Government at the University of Strathclyde/Glasgow

1994-1997 Scholarship holder of the German Research Foundation

1989-1996 Research Assistant at the University of Gießen

1988 Doctorate (Dr. rer. soc.)

Studied political science, sociology, public law and economics; 1982 graduated as political scientist M. A.