How to participate?

The GPF2021 is a public event but participants will need to have an accreditation to access to the European Parliament. It will be also possible to follow it online.

Depending on the situation in November 2021, COVID-19 restrictions may also apply.

Keep following us here or on our social media to get more information on how to get an accreditation for the closing event.

Apply to become a speaker

Anyone can apply to become a speaker by sending the GPF2021 Secretariat a personal or group presentation on their work, and on what they wish to say during GPF2021. The video presentation must be very short (max 1’) and engaging. The best candidates will be invited to take the floor during the GPF 2021.

Video clips

Additionally, during the GPF 2021 we will regularly broadcast and post video clips on social media channels, giving voice to people who cannot attend. Anyone can send the GPF2021 Secretariat a video clip indicating their name, age, place of residence, and profession. In the video they have to reply to this question: “If we can dream it, we can do it! What is your progressive dream for the next ten years?”. The video clip can be recorded with a mobile phone (horizontally), ideally outdoor, and must be max 10 seconds long.