Standing up for women’s fair and safe access to abortion care - FEPS TALKS with Rhonda Donaghey

FEPS project in cooperation with PES Women
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September 28th marks the International Safe Abortion Day. It therefore presents an opportune moment to recall how a fair and safe access to abortion constitutes a crucial condition for the respect of women’s fundamental rights and to eliminate gender discrimination.

What is the importance of international solidarity for gender justice? How do we end the stigma and discrimination towards abortion? How do we ensure access to safe and affordable abortion healthcare services? How did the Covid-19 pandemic impose further hurdles to women in need of access to sexual reproductive health and rights? Why are women’s bodies so highly politicized? What are the main lessons to draw from success stories such as the repeal the 8th amendment abortion rights campaign in Ireland?

In this podcast, Rhonda Donaghey (PES Women executive member and women’s rights activist from Ireland) engages in conversation with Laeticia Thissen (FEPS Policy Analyst for Gender Equality) on these questions whilst exploring progressive answers living up to women’s rights and gender equality.