Global Governance

Let's change Europe

Let's change Europe

In the midst of a crisis that threatens the very existence of the euro, the EU is about to take decisions that will seriously affect the future of Europe and its economy. The so-called economic governance package, now on the table, is an unprecedented challenge to the basic values and principles that underlie our shared future: solidarity, social justice, equal opportunities and sustainable development. More >>

Small Economies, Big Problems, and Global Interdependence

Greece’s GDP, at about $300 billion, represents approximately 0.5% of world output. Its $470 billion public debt is very large relative to the Greek economy’s size, but less than 1% of global debt – and less than half is held by private banks (mainly Greek). Barclays Capital estimates that only a few globally significant foreign banks hold close to 10% of their Tier 1 capital in Greek government bonds, with the majority holding much less.

EU Enlargement: Lessons Learned

FEPS and the European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity meeting with the support of the Wiardi Beckman Stichting Europe Fund organise their first meeting to revisit the framework of the Copenhagen project, which will critically assess the EU enlargement process of South East European (SEE) countries and Turkey.