Kayza Rose 

Founder at BLM Fest, UK 
Kayza Rose

Kayza is director and creative producer  at QTIBPOC Creatives. The project is for young QTIBPOC aged between 18-26  who are working class, and don’t have any formal arts training. 

Kayza is a creative producer, artistic director,activist filmmaker & Arts Council England - Change Maker who  uses creative practices to give marginalised groups a voice.  Kayza combines her work at Mzz Kimberley’s LIFE with her roles as Chief Operating Officer at AZ Mag , Operations Director at Wahala Film Fund , guest lecturer & curriculum consultant at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and &  creator/Artistic Director at Family Dinner which is a sober ,day event focussing on QTIBPOC well-being . In 2018 Kayza produced VISIBLE ( directed by Campbell X) which is a film about the erasure and sanitisation of QTIBPOC history and contributions. Allies Corner was created  by Kayza as a space to connect potential allies to trans people using film screenings , entertainment and a panel discussion. 

(QTIBPOC means Queer Trans Intersex Black and People of Colour) 

Photo credit: Almass Badat