Our gender agenda must be global, and our global agenda must be feminist

Jeudi, Février 1, 2018 - 17:30


As part of the yearly S&D Youth for Gender Equality Forum, the GPF hosted a workshop with two prominent young feminists from EU Neighboring countries, Aya Chebbi from Tunisia, and Jovana Djordjevic from Serbia.




With the will to bring a global dimension to the 3-day training programmer designed for young EU people active in gender equality issues, the GPF aimed at providing a platform to discuss, share experience, provide guidance and define a strategy for the strengthening of gender equality, not only within the EU, but also worldwide.




Enrique Guerrero Salom MEP, Co-Chair of the Global Progressive Forum, declared:


“The Socialists and Democrats are at the forefront of the protection and fulfilment of girls’ and women’s rights and vigorously promote them in the EU external relations too. We strongly believe that globally, significant progress should be made towards achieving gender equality.”




Biljana Borzan MEP, member of the European Parliament’s Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality, stated:


“I see it as our responsibility to fight for gender equality and women’s rights of course in the EU, but not only. Our gender agenda must be global, and our global agenda must be feminist. Political underrepresentation, legal protection and countering violence against women, sexual and reproductive health and rights, education - we still have a lot on our plate to close the gender gap worldwide.”


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