Décembre 14, 2011

Ms Razan Zaitouneh, Sakharov laureate from Syria. Ms Razan Zaitouneh was not able to travel to Strasbourg for today's award ceremony due to the difficult security situation. Ms Razan Zaitouneh is in hiding in Syria but was able to send this message to the European Parliament

Décembre 08, 2011

The second Rountable of the Next Left Economic Circle was held on December 8th 2011 and was entitled Public Debt Crisis in Europe: urgent solutions and long-term remedies, with Guest Speaker Laurent Cordonnier.

Décembre 05, 2011


You are kindly invited to the

S&D Conference


Syria at the Crossroads

which will take place

Novembre 28, 2011

Syria continues to ignore international calls to end an eight-month campaign of violence against its own people.