The Global Progressive Forum (GPF) in action to promote democracy and development in Malaysia

Vendredi, Septembre 25, 2015 - 00:00 - Samedi, Septembre 26, 2015 - 00:00

A delegation of three S&D MEPs, Neena Gill, Norbert Neuser and Doru Frunzulica, travelled to Malaysia in the framework of a conference on democracy and development that took place in Penang on 25/26 September, organised by the Global Progressive Forum (GPF), SOCDEM Asia and the DAP party in Malaysia, in cooperation with the progressive alliance.
Following today’s meeting with human rights organisations in Kuala Lumpur (28 September) to discuss breaches of human rights in Malaysia with several organisations including Bersih 2.0, Amnesty International, Women's Aid, Center to Combat Corruption and Cryonism, Empower, National Human Rights Society in Malaysia HAKAM, Pusat Komas and SUARAM, S&D MEP Norbert Neuser said:
"Malaysia is a huge economic success, but in spite of this, I am very worried about the human rights situation. As Europeans, we need to focus much more on gender equality, freedom of speech, and tackling democratic deficit, especially by supporting Malaysian civil society. I am particularly worried about the situation of the opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim."

S&D MEP Doru Frunzulica said:
"I would like to express my concerns about respect for democracy and the rule of law in Malaysia. We will closely monitor political developments in Malaysia, especially regarding freedom of speech and assembly, separation of power, the organisation of fair and democratic elections and respect for citizens' rights irrespective of their ethnicity or religion."

S&D MEP Neena Gill stated:
"We have a misconception about Malaysia in the EU, it comes across as a moderate, progressive and a developing country. However, the reality is far from this with an increasing use of sedition act powers to quieten opposition and violations of global good governance practices. In fact it appears to be regressing towards an increasingly an autocratic regime. Therefore, I would call upon the government to implement the reforms they had promised only in 2012. There is no justification for imprisoning people like cartoonist Zulkiflee Anwar Haque (Known as Zunar) and Khairuddin Abu Hassan . These imprisonments are smack in the face of Malaysia representing Asean at the UN Security Council and chairing the Asean's human rights Committee."

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