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Lifelong and lifewide learning for just green transition

Virtual Workshop
SOLIDAR Foundation, Volonteurope, European Parents Association
GPF Events

Building on the actions of the European Union to date and specifically on the European Education Area and the European Skills Agenda, this workshop will focus on how, together, we build economic and social policies which ensure a just, inclusive, and sustainable European society in which no one is left behind. The workshop speakers and the debate will cover a range of relevant areas including, but not limited to: 

• The need to upskill and build on digital skills;

• Lifelong learning for sustainable development and global citizenship, going beyond the immediate needs of the labour market and economic growth;

• Validating skills gained from social action and volunteering;

• Micro-credentials and non-formal/informal learning;

• Taking account of the learners’ perspectives, especially young people with fewer opportunities and furthest from the labour market. 

Keynote speakers will alternate with interactive discussion panels to address education policies, lifelong learning and skills for the future.