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Climate Justice: African perspectives

GPF Events

As part of their research project ‘Climate justice: African perspectives and EU actions’, FEPS (Foundation for European Progressive Studies) and FMS (Foundation Max van der Stoel) are launching a new policy study showing the impact of climate change on the African continent, as told by Africans themselves, and discussing the role of the EU itself in its climate policies, as well as other policies that impact Africa.

The launch event will offer the chance to present the study and the concrete policy recommendations that are included in it so as to ease this process of a climate-just transition, but also discuss its findings with a number of European and African policy-makers and experts.

The debate

Climate change is the biggest challenge we face in the world today. Everywhere we see its impact and people are struggling with the devastating effects in their daily lives. For African countries, this is becoming more challenging every year.

Even though they are historically least responsible for causing climate change, the African region is hit hardest by its consequences. The most important decisions regarding climate action are often made by those who do not feel the biggest impact and who generally have better capabilities to deal with climate change themselves. Not everyone affected by climate change is able to make their voice heard in the decision-making processes.

When it comes to climate policies within the European Union, questions of climate justice are rarely prioritised. Within many other policy areas there is often little coherence between climate promises and policies, due to a lack of regard for the consequences they have on marginalised groups elsewhere. African perspectives are additionally not sufficiently taken into account.