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2021 Korčula School: Transforming Politics Through a Gender Lens

Korčula (Croatia) / Online (Zoom)
Central and Eastern European Network for Gender Issues, FEPS
GPF Events

The e-session will take place at the opening of the 10th Korcula Dialogues (School). The overarching topic is "transforming politics through a gender lens".

The discussion will be a continuation of last year's virtual Korcula Dialogues CEE Gender Network - YouTube  that centered on COVID related topics "Recover, Restart, Retool". The focus is forward looking on the imperative for structural change beyond reforms. It will open issues particularly relating to women and gender equality in social policy, employment, health and especially reproductive health, democratic participation and partnerships (especially between progressive parties and civil society). Primary region of focus will be South Western Europe/the Balkans and implications for post-transition countries.