"The Search for ‘Inclusive Growth’ in the MENA Region: A Comparative Approach" with Hassan Hakimian

Wednesday, September 25, 2013 - 12:00 to 14:00

Dr. Hassan Hakimian, professor and researcher at the London Middle East Institute, particularly highlighted the relationship between growth and equity is not a new problem and has deep roots in economic theory and policy debates  and the main motivations :Recent experience of developing regions (mainly Asia and Africa) where growth has occurred alongside persisting poverty and/or inequality  and political uprisings in the MENA region, where popular discontent has brought to question the neo-liberal model of development under autocratic regimes and the growth strategies they pursued with international advice and support. Indeed, the uprisings occurred against a background of a period of relatively improved economic growth in the region.

During 2000-10, MENA’s real GDP growth averaged around 4%-5% a year including in Tunisia, Libya, Yemen and Egypt where political upheavals and mass popular unrests have swept away the old autocratic regimes. Yet, there are social and economic disparities with persistently high unemployment, particularly amongst the youth. A trickle-down mechanism to spread the benefits of growth was either absent or not sufficiently robust to prevent social and political unrest and strife.



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