FEPS with high level economists urge "sanity and humanity"

Wednesday, June 10, 2015 - 17:30

Open Letter Greece


Massimo D'Alema, Prof Stephany Griffith-Jones, Prof Thomas Piketty, Prof Inge Kaul, Prof Joseph Stiglitz, Hilary Wainwright, Prof Jamie Galbraith...


FEPS with high level economists urge "sanity and humanity"
for Greece in an open letter published in Financial Times (June, 5, 2015)

The future of the EU is at stake in the negotiations between Greece and its creditor institutions, now close to a climax. To avoid failure, concessions will be needed from both sides. From the EU, forbearance and finance to promote structural reform and economic recovery, and to preserve the integrity of the Eurozone. From Greece, credible commitment to show that, while it is against austerity, it is in favour of reform and wants to play a positive role in the EU.









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