Enrique Guerrero: “The humanitarian action has to play a vital role to avoid poverty and vulnerability”

Wednesday, March 8, 2017 - 12:00

The crucial role of humanitarian action to fight poverty and help victims of conflicts was discussed today at the European Parliament during an event promoted by Enrique Guerrero MEP, President of the Global Progressive Forum (GPF) and European Parliament Standing Rapporteur for humanitarian aid, in cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), DG ECHO and DG DEVE (European Commission).

According to a Report by the ICRC, long wars are not a new phenomenon, but what is new is their “ever changing and ever more complex nature”.

Enrique Guerrero noted that this new situation was clearly outlined also during the recent World Humanitarian Summit convened by the United Nations in Istanbul, where all the participants agreed that humanitarian crises, the need of humanitarian resources and responses, instruments and tools “had changed dramatically on the past 20 years”. Moreover, “It was clear in that Summit that conflicts are becoming more and more protracted conflicts”, Guerrero added.

Facing this reality, according to GPF President Guerrero “humanitarian actions have to go beyond urgent relief and have to play a vital role maintaining essential services to avoid poverty and vulnerability”. In line with the position held by the S&D Group, Guerrero stressed the need to continue increasing funding for education in crisis situations to reach 6% of humanitarian aid.

Finally, Enrique Guerrero highlighted the need of a “political approach” in humanitarian conflicts in order to prevent and solve them, and praised the role played by the Red Cross, “a fundamental reference of values, principles and actions of humanitarian aid” since its foundation more than 150 years ago.

Photo credit: ICRC