About us

The GPF sprang up from the success of the first World Social Forum held in January 2001 in Porto Alegre (Brazil). The Global Progressive Forum aims to bring together a diversity of people from Africa, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America to discuss and propose alternatives to the negative aspects of the current Globalization process, which specifically affects underdeveloped-, Third World, and developing countries. The Global Progressive Forum (GPF) is a common initiative of the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament and the Party of European Socialists . 

World and regional conferences

Following the first global conference in November 2003 and the second in Milan in September 2005, the Global Progressive Forum held its 2009 conference in Brussels. The conference was a great opportunity to gather key international players from around the globe to elaborate on progressive ways to tackle the negative outcomes of globalization, while engaging a new vision of a globalized world from which we could all benefit. The Global progressive Forum has organized a number of regional conferences, especially to support progressive and democratic forces in the Arab World following the Arab Spring revolutions.

World Social Forum and Campaigns with the Civil Society

The Global Progressive Forum sprang up from the success of the first World Social Forum (WSF) held in January 2001 in Brazil. The GPF has since participated in the World Social Forum in Mumbai (2004), Porto Alegre (2005), Nairobi (2007), Belem (2009), Dakar (2011) and Tunis (2013). The GPF is a member of the International Council of the WSF. The GPF has also been actively involved in the European Social Forum in London (2004), Athens (2006), and Malmö (2008).

In the 5 last years, the GPF has run common campaigns with civil society and trade union organization, to push for a progressive agenda. Among others, the GPF has been actively involved in the Financial Transaction Tax Now campaign, in the No Tax Haven campaign, and in the Decent Work Decent Life campaign. The GPF is one of the co-founders of the Europeans for Financial reform coalition.

Activity reports

To know more about our activities, you can download our activity reports below.