Global Governance

Are Free Trade Agreements a potential threat to public policies?

The Virtual Club of the Global Progressive Forum

The GPF has created a virtual club to which we will invite leading personalities in different fields to become a member, and to contribute by sending us their reflections on the global challenges which we are currently facing. From time to time these reflections will be published on our website and will constitute a 'virtual collection' which will provide material for the debate for the next GPF World Conference in 2012.

Invitation Next Left - Evening debate on Monday 3 oct at ULB with 3 former PM (M. D'Alema, PN Rasmussen, A. Gusembauer) + P. Magnette + I. Durant



It is a tumultuous time in which a series of important elections (local in Italy, regional in Germany, national in Denmark, senatorial in France) will raise questions about the conservative paradigm and on the other hand, economic and financial turmoil which also raises questions about the neoliberal economic model.