Strong S&D support for the EU-Morocco advanced statute

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 - 00:00


The foreign affairs committee in the European Parliament today passed - with the support of the Socialists and Democrats - the conclusion of a protocol to the Euro-Mediterranean agreement.  This establishes an association between the European Communities and their member states, and the Kingdom of Morocco regarding a framework agreement on the participation of Morocco in EU programmes.


The Socialists and Democrats have once again showed their support for the Kingdom of Morocco, its economic development and the important changes taking place in the country.


The S&D leader, Hannes Swoboda, said:


"For us Morocco is an essential political and economic partner and we will closely follow and encourage the reforms it has started. We must accompany Morocco in its path towards full democracy:"


S&D vice-president Véronique De Keyser said:


"We welcome the agreement, but in exchange we also ask Morocco to continue with the democratic reforms it has started."
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