Listening to the Progressive Mediterranean

This project of the GPF consist in bringing together key actors of the Arab Revolution and European decision makers and thinkers, to discuss the democratisation in the Arab world. 

The objective is to make it possible for European leaders to listen to the Progressive Mediterranean people, to their experience and to their expectations, in order to build a new, progressive partnership.  


This project has been developed in partnership with the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament (S&D Group), the Party of European Socialists, the Foundation for European Progressive Studies and Solidar.  


This project has been launched in April 2011, with a first conference organised by FEPS and the PES in Tunis.  


The second step of this project consisted in a series of meetings to held in Barcelona by the S&D Group. For more information on this event, please click here.  


In paralell, the S&D Group has also developed the Blog "" where you can watch frequently udpated news on the subject.


Country profiles:

Algeria click here 

Bahrain click here 

Egypt click here

Israel click here

Jordan click here

Kuwait click here

Libya click here

Morocco click here

Palestine click here

Saudi Arabia click here

Syria click here

Tunisia click here

Yemen click here


The Conference " Building the road to democracy" was held in October 2011, with activist from the Arab World. You will find below the recording of this conference.