Next Left Economic Circle

The Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) and the Global Progressive Forum (GPF) launched the Next Left Economic Circle in September 2011. The Next Left Economic Circle roundtables are intended to gather progressive economists from European institutions, civil society organisations and private businesses insisting on the need to assess the theoretical bases underlying economic policy proposals.


These roundtables have a double objective: to create and develop a network of progressive economists in Brussels and to show to which extent economic theory can enrich economic debates. Actually, people who were ardent advocates of the free-market ideology a few years ago now highlight the need of public intervention in these troubled times. It seems we are listening to messages which date back to the 1930s which sustained that a theory which supported public intervention was finally to be understood as a “Crisis theory” and not a “General” one. Everything is happening as if the crisis was a particular moment of time, following external shocks i.e. of political nature, given the faith in the self-regulatory character of the economy which could not be questioned. Nonetheless, every economic policy proposals is based on a vision of the economy deciphered through a theoretical corpus which should be made explicit.


The roundtables consist of regular public meetings, co-organised by the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) and the Global Progressive Forum (GPF) and will be co-chaired by Liem Hoang-Ngoc (MEP, S&D Group at the European Parliament) and Stephany Griffith-Jones (Professor, Columbia University). They take place in the European Parliament in Brussels (translation in French, English and German) at lunch time. For each roundtable, a new economist will be invited as a guest speaker. The presentations usually last an hour and are followed by a discussion and a light lunch.