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World Social Forum in Dakar: Programme of activities

The Global Progressive Forum is organising four Roundtables in the framework of the World Social Forum 2011 in Dakar, together with the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) and Solidar.

You can click here to download the full programme in PDF format.

Global Progressive Forum and SOLIDAR delegations participate in World Social Forum Tunis

From 26 – 30 March 2013 the World Social Forum (WSF) will be held in Tunis, Tunisia. The Party of European Socialists will participate in the Global Progressive Forum (GPF) delegation. The PES delegation will be headed by PES Vice-President Jan Royall. Together with partners such as SOLIDAR the GPF will organise six workshops during the event in Tunis.

Le Groupe S&D exige la liberté d'expression en Tunisie

Les eurodéputés socialistes et démocrates ont réitéré leur soutien à un cadre normatif consistant pour la transition démocratique en Tunisie, à l'occasion de la participation d'une délégation du Groupe S&D emmenée par la vice-présidente Véronique de Keyser, au Forum social Mondial à Tunis. Ils ont rappelé l'exigence de garanties constitutionnelles en matière de liberté d'expression et souligné l'urgence de l'application des décrets 115 et 116 relatifs à la Haute Autorité de l'information et de la communication (HAICA).

World Social Forum in Dakar

The Global Progressive Forum (GPF) has been involved in the World Social Forum since the first edition and, in 2006, the GPF was elected as a member of the International Council (the decision-making arm of the World Social Forum). This year, the World Social Forum took place in Dakar, which enabled us not only to meet our international partners, but also to strengthen our relations with our Senegalese counterparts.

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GPF delegation takes part in World Social Forum Opening

Jo Leinen, MEP, and Javier Moreno-Sanchez, Secretary General of the Global Progressive Forum, have taken part in the Opening march of the World Social Forum, alongside the Senegalese Socialist Party on Sunday, February 6th in the afternoon. Jo Leinen, Chairman of the Committee for the Environment in the European Parliament, will intervene on February 8th in a round table on water management. Mr. Leinen stated: "Climate change is the greatest challenge of the 21st century, and in the whole world poor people are the most vulnerable to its effects.

Personal letter from Corina Cretu, International Secretary, Member of the European Parliament, PSD Romania

As a member of the Development Committee from the European Parliament, it has been both an honour and a challenge to participate in The Global Progressive Forum held in Dakar. The fact that it was held in Africa for the 2nd time emphasises the solidarity of the international community with the struggles engaged in by the African peoples. As Africa has been a continent of great confrontations and is one of the places where the crisis has given rise to very severe economic and social hardship.

Forum of Parliamentarians focuses on democratic progress in Africa

This morning, the Forum of Parliamentarians was held in Dakar alongside the program of the World Social Forum. Discussions focused on the evolution of democracy in Africa and in the world.


World Social Forum - Dakar 2011

World Social Forum will be held in Dakar from February 6th to February 11th.

Start date / End date: 
Sun, 02/06/2011 - 00:00 - Fri, 02/11/2011 - 00:00
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World Social Forum

The Global Progressive Forum sprang up from the success of the first World Social Forum (WSF) held in January 2001 in Brazil and participated to the World Social Fora of Porto Alegre, Mumbai, Nairobi and Belem. The GPF has also been actively involved in the European Social Fora of London, Athens and Malmö. The GPF is a member of the International Council of the WSF. Since the World Social Forum (WSF) was launched in 2001, Socialist MEPs have attended every event.

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