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The Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) and the Global Progressive Forum (GPF) launched the Next Left Economic Circle in September 2011.

Global governance

GPF Secretary General meets with ActionAid

The GPF Secretary General, Javier Moreno Sanchez, and the GPF team, met today with Jorge Romano, former Executive Director of ActionAid Brasil and new Director of Governance and new International Strategy for ActionAid and with Joanna Maycok, International Director for Europe, accompanied by her assistant Sara Jespersen.

President Bill Clinton at GPF Brussels 2009

Progressives from all over the world are getting together in Brussels on April 2-3 at the Global Progressive Forum to discuss how to create a better globalization for people.

Follow the live coverage!

Take your chance to participate! Follow the live blogging and streaming here! Today, the 3rd of April, starting around 9:00!

News from GPF Brussels 2009

Global New Deal call for a new fairness and a new respect for the planet was signed at the GPF 2009 world conference.

Global Progressive Forum - The report in images

This two days event presented in depth debates on crucial topics: energy crisis, food crisis, green jobs, climate change, economic and financial crisis.  It is now time to build something out of those very fruitful discussions!

Socialists step up engagement for Global New Deal

European Socialists are stepping up their engagement with US and Japanese Democrats – and with other progressive political parties, trade unions and NGOs outside Europe – by giving a big boost to the Global Progressive Forum.

Actions taken to boost the Global Progressive Forum, agreed yesterday at a joint meeting of the Presidency of the PES and the Bureau of the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, include

Call to Action Handover on World Day of Decent Work

On the second World Day for Decent Work, a global Alliance of trade unions, NGOs and progressive political forces demanded that international and regional institutions put decent work at the centre of strategies to address the economic crisis.

GPF delegation takes part in World Social Forum Opening

Jo Leinen, MEP, and Javier Moreno-Sanchez, Secretary General of the Global Progressive Forum, have taken part in the Opening march of the World Social Forum, alongside the Senegalese Socialist Party on Sunday, February 6th in the afternoon. Jo Leinen, Chairman of the Committee for the Environment in the European Parliament, will intervene on February 8th in a round table on water management. Mr. Leinen stated: "Climate change is the greatest challenge of the 21st century, and in the whole world poor people are the most vulnerable to its effects.

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